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Hai-iro Okami
Character: Victorique de Blois
Residency: undecided
Job: Dancer
Income: 2 silver, 25 bronze
Retained Memories: 0%
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character name; Victorique de Blois (Hai-iro Okami)
character's canon; GOSICK
timeline; Episode 21: The Bells of Christmas Eve Toll at the Heels of Time

out of character;

「Backtagging?」 YES, to infinity and beyond!
「Threadhopping?」 YES, but not unexpectedly if it's a conversation that's been going on for a while... ask first. ♥
「Comments in Subject line?」 I LOVE THEM.
「Is there anything you do not want mentioned around this character? || Fourth Wall Breakage?」 I love both!
「Offensive subjects?」 I don't write smut, so that's out the window. No explicit sexual situations, please!

in character;

「Hugging this character」 She'll freeze up if she doesn't know you. If you're suspicious somehow, she might slap you or otherwise break away.
「Kissing this character」 ... ahahaha, go ahead, but don't expect her to recognize a kiss when she receives one. Raised without love, remember?
「Flirting with this character」 If you dare. She might play along or be offended and award you a kick and/or a slap for your efforts.
「Fighting with this character?」 Fighting is what she does with Kujou half the time, so go ahead! If you mean a physical brawl... she's weak-bodied, but she'll try to outsmart you somehow. She's handy with a pistol too.
「Punching this character (provided they can fight back)?」 Go ahead, but like I said, she'll try to avoid it using her brains, but in the end, she's got a very delicate body...
「Injuring/killing/etc. this character?」 Sure, why not? People are always trying to kill her, it seems.
「Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character?」 Enjoy. Hope the ridiculous speed and accuracy of a Grey Wolf's mind doesn't leave your character's head spinning.
「Triggers?」 None really, but the closest thing she has to a trigger is confinement. Force her to stay in a small, cramped place while she's sick or delirious and she'll be convinced she's back all locked up in her stone tower. It'll give her nightmares and she might lash out at your character, mistaking them for her brother or father.
「Medical info?」 Compromised immune system. Easily susceptible to colds and the flu. Skin is easily bruised. Very small and young-looking for her age, due to hereditary traits common to Grey Wolves and the whole, you know, being locked up in a cold, dark tower and deprived of regular human contact for all her early childhood and otherwise neglected.
「Using magic on this character?」 Have fun!


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